The Ronse gastronomic map

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A walking tour that focuses on your taste buds.

The gastronomic map takes you to De Vrijheid and treats you to a city walk that focuses on your taste buds. De Vrijheid was a city within the city from the 10th century until the French Revolution. The route passes viewing boxes that present a view of De Vrijheid's past.

Delicious city walk with 5 coupons for tasting Ronse snacks:

  • At Visit Ronse: the typical Ronsese snack "Buuntsies"
  • Kleine Markt: a Ronses aperitif
  • In and around the old St. Martin's Church: a hearty bite
  • Rooseveltplein and Peperstraat: a sweet bite
  • In one of the 3 protected cafes: a regional beer
  • After this, feel free to further discover the gastronomy of Ronse in a culinary way.

Practical details:

  • Price: € 18
  • Can be purchased at Visit Ronse; this is also the starting point of the walk.
  • When possible? From Wednesday to Saturday.

Tip: Combine the gastronomic map with a free city walk.

Photos The gastronomic map: De Smaakkaart in Ronse