Restoration of basilica and crypt


In July 2023, the fourth phase of the restoration started

The 4th phase includes the restoration of the nave, side chapels (except for the Coleta chapel, which has by now been restored) and a revamping of the high choir and transept.

The nave of the Saint-Hermes basilica

  • The triforium is opened and finished with recessed niches.
  • The brick imitation on the vaults disappears and the entire nave and side aisles are painted (cf. high choir and transept).
  • The natural stone elements, columns and monels (stone window pillars) of the stained-glass windows are treated as those in the Coleta chapel.
  • The entrance porch will be completely renewed, the hatch in the false ceiling will be retained but finished 'invisibly'.
  • The lighting in the nave, side aisles and side chapels will be renewed.

The side chapel

  • In the St Barbara chapel, the damask painting at the level of the plinth area will be redone, the current later curtain painting will disappear and the altar painting of St Barbara will be restored.
  • The walls in St Peter's and St Charles Borromeo's chapels are painted in the three-part neo-classical painting: plinth in grey, pink band and beige upper part.
  • In St Joseph's Chapel, the damask painting will be restored to its original colour scheme and design. Additional research is planned for this purpose.
  • In St Anne's Chapel, the damask painting will also be restored to its original colour scheme. The floor of the St-Anna altar will be renewed with (preferably) recovered Tournai blue stone tiles.
  • The name of the Sacred Heart Chapel will be changed to Holy Trinity Chapel and the tiled floors and fenestration restored.

Only after the restoration dossier has been approved by the municipal council on 29 August 2022 can the church council approve a dossier for the 4th phase and ask the city of Ronse to act as builder for the 4th phase.

Special thanks to Michiel Vanmarcke Architect - Jr. project manager (Architectenbureau Bressers) and Milo Van Driessche (Photo and video archive Fiertel and restoration Saint-Hermes Basilica) in the preparation of this overview.