De Passage

de passage

De Passage

Be careful if you arrange to meet at St Martin's Church in Ronse because there are two of them! The old church was built in the 11th century close to St Hermes' Church. It became too small for the congregation so it was replaced with a new St Martin's Church at the end of the 19th century. The 'old' church was used as a cinema, a sawmill and a garage

until a Ronse patron could no longer bear to see it fall into ruin, and turned it into a place for foodies. The beautifully renovated building is now a centre for food and drink. Pop inside and discover a unique event venue behind authentic church windows.


  • Address De Passage Ronse: Sint-Martensstraat 35-37, 9600 Ronse
    T: +32(0)55 31 75 17