The Ronse Gastronomic map 2.0

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A walking tour that focuses on your taste buds.

The Gastronomic map 2.0 takes you to 'De Vrijheid' and treats you to a city walk that focuses on your taste buds. 'De Vrijheid' was a city within the city from the 10th century until the French Revolution. The walk is seasoned to taste with five culinary hotspots. At each delicious hotspot, you can choose one eatery or drinking establishment. You can immediately recognize the gastronomic partners from the sticker on the window.

Delicious city walk with 5 coupons for tasting Ronse snacks:

  • At Visit Ronse: the typical Ronsese snack "Buuntsies"
  • Kleine Markt: a Ronses aperitif
  • In and around the old St. Martin's Church: a hearty bite
  • Rooseveltplein and Peperstraat: a sweet bite
  • In one of the 3 protected cafes: a regional beer
  • After this, feel free to further discover the gastronomy of Ronse in a culinary way.

Practical details:

  • Price: € 20
  • Can be purchased at Visit Ronse; this is also the starting point of the walk.
  • When possible? From Wednesday to Saturday.

Tip: Combine the gastronomic map with a free city walk.

Photos The gastronomic map: De Smaakkaart in Ronse