Have a picnic.. in Ronse


Welcome to these spots...

>> picnic hotspot Hoge Mote:

A unique picnic in the middle of the centre of Ronse at a historic site? This is possible in the courtyard of the Hoge Mote.

  • 2 picnic benches
  • 2  large resting benches "Belle

>> picnic in the city parks:

Ronse has many charming little parks such as Bruulppark, Albertpark and Boudewijnpark, as well as extensive landscape parks such as Stadstuin and Malanderpark:

  • Lay out your own picnic blanket.

>> Picnicking in peace and quiet and among greenery:

  • Nature area Hotond-Scherpenberg: 1 picnic bench at node 92
  • Muziekbos:
    • 2 picnic benches
    • 4 Sinnenbanks.
      On this overview map (NL) you will find the picnic areas, playing areas and four walking routes in the Muziekbos.
  • Bicycle street Beekstraat, crossing with Ledeganckstraat:
    • 1 picnic benche
  • Bicycle highway F421: between Engelsenlaan and the border with Rozenaken.
    • At Paillartcamp, a rest area with two picnic benches and a bicycle shed was set up.

Don't forget to clean up after your picnic.

  • Planning to come and have a picnic? There are not rubbish bins everywhere, so it is best to bring a rubbish bag from home (to take your rubbish back with you).
  • When travelling, respect other people's property, agriculture and nature and do not leave any litter behind. Then you will be a welcome guest.