Mountain biking


Ronse-Maarkedal mountain bike route

Red Loop 28 km: circle Ronse, enjoy magnificent views, and pass the highest point in East Flanders.

Blue Loop 25 km: a calm and pleasant mountain bike trip through fields and past the Muziekbos, interspersed with a few tough hills.

Practical details:

  • Parking facilities

    • Red loop: The Loft Sports Centre: Gefussilleerdenlaan 15, 9600 Ronse.
    • Blue loop: Youth Hostel De Fiertel: Rudderveldstraat 7, 9600 Ronse.
  • Distance: 53 km.
  • Route: rural, woodland, flat, hilly, past water, etc.
  • Route markers:
    • Red loop: logo with red triangle
    • Blue loop: logo with blue triangle
  • Price: € 2
  • Language: NL

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Flemish Ardennes mountain bike route

The connecting routes between the Bloso mountain bike routes of Kluisbergen, Wortegem-Petegem, Oudenaarde, Brakel and Ronse-Maarkedal are uniformly signposted with yellow Bloso arrows.

Practical details:

  • Price: € 2
  • Language: NL

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