Ronse regional beers


Ronsischen Tripel: this is a light amber, malt beer with an alcohol content of 8°. In addition to a soft bitterness it also has an undertone of spices.

Bommelsbier: a top-fermented light brown, unfiltered abbey beer. As a result of refermentation in the bottle it has an alcohol content of 8.5°.

Ronsischen Dubbel: this top-fermented dark malt beer has a pleasantly spicy aftertaste and an alcohol content of 7.4°.

Hoge Motebier: a top-fermented reddish brown, traditional malt beer. This bottle-conditioned beer has an alcohol content of 6.1°.

For sale at:

  • Bierhal Ronse, Ninovestraat 74, 9600 Ronse. T +32 (0)55 20 89 74.
  • Delhaize Ronse, Zonnestraat 4 , 9600 Ronse. T +32 (0)55 20 77 30.