Taste of Ronse

beschermde café

During this culinary discovery tour, enjoy various regional products and protected
café interiors with their magnificent tile tableaux. The tile tableaus in these establishments are impressive and rightly enjoy protected status. Let your senses be stimulated and taste the most delicious side of Ronse.


  • Meet-up: Hoge Mote, De Biesestraat 2 - end on the Grote Markt
  • Duration: 2h30
  • Price: € 105.00 + € 7.00 per person for culinary products
    • € 5.00 per person for 3 local regional products
    • € 2.00 per person for chocolates at Dockers Chocolade or Hermes Chocolatier
    • Drinks of your choice at your own expense at Brasserie Harmonie or Café Local Unique.
  • Distance: ± 1.5 km
  • Maximum 15 visitors per guide