Virtual Ronse

On, you can see an aerial view of Ronse and zoom in on the most important sites. On the map, you can click on various locations and visit them virtually, as if you were physically walking through the city.

Walk around the main attractions

With 360-degree film clips of interior and exterior locations, you will find yourself at spots which you might never otherwise visit. For people with more limited mobility, this tool can also be super handy. The most important attractions are the Saint Hermes Basilica and Crypt, and the Must Textile Museum. You can also wander around the Art Deco quarter, the Malander Park or take a long hike in the Muziekbos (Music forest).

Let yourself be inspired for your next outing

Virtual Ronse is a handy tool for gaining a first impression of Ronse and its attractions.

Virtual Ronse keeps on growing

The aim is to keep expanding “Virtual Ronse”, and you can also visit private partners such as accommodation providers, restaurants and cafés and other tourist attractions via “Virtual Ronse”.